If your property has been affected by a rodent infestation, there is often urine, nests and droppings left behind resulting in varying degrees of odor. Hiring a cleaning company that is licensed, certified and insured is important for the safe removal of these health hazards. Whether its for a Real Estate

Transaction or just peace of mind, we will ensure that the goal for your situation is accomplished. Central Oregon Bio Solutions follows all state and federal protocols regarding the removal of biohazards.

Frequently asked questions

When there is a homeowners insurance policy involved, there will be minimal or no cost to you. Situations involving biohazard are covered under most homeowners policies. Central Oregon Bio Solutions will waive up to the first $1000 of the homeowners policy deductible. When a job is not covered by insurance, we will give you a quote in advance and work on a sliding scale to accommodate all budgets. Central Oregon Bio Solutions considers a few key factors when providing a quote. The cost is determined by the number of technicians necessary to be on site, the total hours required to do the job, the amount of biohazard needing proper disposal, and the cost of supplies needed to complete the cleaning process.
There will often be well-meaning friends and or family members that will want to help in the event of a tragedy. While it’s commendable to want to help, it is not advisable for several reasons. 1. The scene will not likely be cleaned up properly. Biohazard can be difficult to detect in many cases and a Biohazard Company has the proper tools, knowledge and chemicals to properly remediate the scene. 2. Biohazard will not be disposed of properly. Proper disposal of Biohazard means it will not end up in a landfill but will be incinerated as Medical Waste. 3. There is quite often more Biohazard than can be seen with the naked eye. Biohazard fluids can often saturate carpet, padding and subfloor and in extreme cases can travel distances that would not be naturally anticipated.
We do have a contract that is specific to the Biohazard industry. The authorized individual will sign before our work begins, this is for the protection of all involved for the work performed by Central Oregon Bio Solutions.
We are located in Bend, Oregon and are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays. For jobs in Central Oregon we can typically arrive on location within 60 to 90 minutes when needed. If the job site is in another part of the state we will give you a realistic time for our arrival.
First, dangers associated with exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens in the case of a Biohazard cleanup are real. There are many ways that diseases can be transferred through casual contact with human blood and even blood that has dried still creates a serious health risk. Second, Proper disposal of Biohazard is important so that there will be no unnecessary exposure for anyone post cleanup. Additionally, no one should have to take on the emotional weight of cleaning up after a traumatic situation involving a family member, friend or co-worker. Allowing a trained professional to clean up a scene involving Biohazard will ensure your safety, expedite the healing process for those affected and ensure that all biohazard waste will be disposed of properly.
Most incidents like these that occur in the home or vehicle are covered by homeowner’s insurance. The insured or their advocate (often a family member or friend) can tell the insurance company who they want to use for Biohazard services. Central Oregon Bio Solutions works for you, the insured, not the Insurance Company. It is our job to be your advocate with the Insurance Company and make sure your Claim is handled properly from start to finish, you are communicated with throughout the process and that you are completely satisfied with the end result.
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