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Central Oregon Bio Solutions is a Biohazard Cleanup Company based in Bend, Oregon that provides 24 Hour Emergency Services for Suicide, Homicide, Crime Scene,Trauma, Decomposition, Odor, Rodent, Animal, Hoarding, Disease, Filth, Blood cleanups, homeless camp cleanup, as well as Residential /Apartment Cleanups.

Central Oregon Bio Solutions provides the State of Oregon and the Pacific NW with cleanup services in Residential, Commercial, Automotive and Law Enforcement environments. Free estimates, Insurance Billing and Financial Assistance is also provided.

What We Do

Central Oregon Bio Solutions provides the State of Oregon and the Pacific NW with cleanup services in Residential, Commercial, Government, Automotive and Law Enforcement environments.
As licensed and bonded contractors in the state of Oregon, we have the ability to bring a project to full completion. In addition, Central Oregon Bio Solutions is trained and compliant with the OSHA HAZWOPER certification.

Suicide Cleanup

First Responders will be on site until the scene is released, once that happens, family and friends are left with the challenging question of “what do I do now?” The extreme difficulty of the situation should never be compounded by having the burden of attempting to properly clean the environment oneself.

Unattended Death

This is a situation where an individual passes away without friends or family being aware of it. Depending on the environmental conditions, an unattended death requires a professional to clean, disinfect and to deodorize the environment. Unattended Death Cleanups can vary in severity

Crime Scene Cleanup

Homicide and Crime scenes are extremely likely sites for Bloodborne Pathogen contamination. Bloodborne Pathogens can live in exposed blood for several weeks. Blood exposure is considered “Damage” to the structure and will be covered by a Homeowners Insurance Policy.

Blood Cleanup

When human blood is present in any environment, there are many risks associated with Bloodborne Pathogen exposure to those still in the home or business. It certainly doesn’t require a death for biohazard cleanup services to be necessary.


Every biohazard situation is unique and oftentimes removal is associated with the type of work we do. We have several different courses of action for odor removal. Central Oregon Bio Solutions will always guarantee our work and make sure each customer is fully satisfied with our odor removal services.

Apartment Cleanouts

Apartment managers are often faced with the frustrating task of cleaning out an apartment when an occupant vacates and leaves personal belongings behind. While this is not always a biohazard issue, Central Oregon Bio Solutions provides affordable apartment clean out services.


Dealing compassionately with individuals and those assisting individuals who find themselves overwhelmed with hoarding situations is of vital importance. We enter the environment with no judgement to maintain the dignity of each individual and achieve the desired goals for each unique situation.

Rodent Cleanup

We will handle the cleanup once a home or business has had the rodents permanently removed.  Regardless of how your property developed a rodent problem, you’ll want to hire a cleaning company that is certified, insured and bonded for the safe removal of these health hazards.

Junk/Trash Removal

Junk and trash removal comes in many shapes and sizes, we are fully equipped to handle them all. Whether it be a biohazard occurrence or there is just simply help needed for an overwhelming situation we can help.

What our customers saying

We buy hoarding houses for cash!

Cleaning and restoring a house that has been used for hoarding is cumbersome, emotional, and could be too expensive. We understand. We will:

If the only reasonable option seems to be selling off the property
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